Luftwaffe oxygen mask for fighter pilots 6701-1


Luftwaffe oxygen mask for pilots/fighter pilots model 6701-1

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Luftwaffe oxygen mask for pilots/fighter pilots model 6701-1

The  Luftwaffe oxygenmask was manufactured at that time by the company Auer in Berlin. It was designed for use with the Flighthelmet LkpN101 and others for the 2-point mask attachment.  Because of its compact size and lightweight construction, this  oxygen mask was appreciated by many fighter and fighter-bomber pilots. Later versions were equipped with an additional strap to increase stability 

Here is now the ultimate opportunity to acquire a top reproduction of an oxygen mask of a German fighter pilot from the Second World War. This is the common version with two-point straps of the model 6701-1.

This excellent detailed reproduction captivates not only by detail-faithful subtleties like the flat holding clamps, the genuine incorporated leather insert in chamois leather, even the associated “crocodile clip” was faithfully reproduced and attached to the hose. The whole ensemble is completed by the also very rare elastic holder which are elaborately provided exactly as in the original also from the two asymetric large metal clamps, the band and the small rubbers as a holder. 

These oxygen masks for German fighter pilots are extremely rare to acquire in the original. Often due to the high age either in poor condition, usually not complete and exceedingly expensive. For original complete oxygen masks in good condition – if offered at all – usually several thousand euros are demanded.

This is the perfect opportunity ,to get one of these rare collection items in top condition and to complete for your private collection or exhibition at an affordable price.

Attention: Oxygen mask not functional- clamp not functional.

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