German airforce life jacket 10 30 B- 2



Life jacket German Airforce Model
10 30 B- 2

Premium Reproduction

Here you have the possibility to obtain an exact reproduction of the very rare to find life jacket of the German Luftwaffe in premium quality.

I you are currently not forced to land with a Messerschmitt Bf 109 in the channel, than this unique pice of history is the perfect fit your collection.

These life jackets are manufactured in Germany in high quality in accordance with the original 10 30 B-2 vests. It stands out through details that professionals will appreciate: e.g. manufacturer`s label,necessary straps, correct fixing rings, the black rubberized manual inflation i.e.

Get your own unique pice of areal combat history !

Attention: Life vest is for purposes of decoration only-not floatable .   Size corresponds Medium

This wonderful exact reproduction pice of history would make a superb addition to any collection or display!