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About us

Messerschmitt Bf 109, Supermarine Spitfire, P 51 Mustang, – for many people, these names of old aircraft from a long time ago have a strong fascination. I am one of them. As a child and teenager, it was the largest small airplane model in 1:72 scale to be built with meticulousness and passion. Remote-controlled airplanes followed, more than one of which disappeared quietly with a humming sound due to defective electronics. As an adult, it had to be real planes, of course, and luckily for me, the Bundeswehr flight group had some airworthy aircrafts around to indulge my passion. During these days, my passion for collecting original Warbird instruments was born. What began with the acquisition of an altimeter and launch counter has grown over the years to include full cockpit panels of famous WWII fighter planes and rarities in pilot equipment. This required a lot of money, research, persistence, patience and ultimately time. During this time I was able to get to know like-minded companions who I can have on board as part of Cockpitrockers. So that other collectors and warbird lovers can also benefit from our perseverance, CockpitRockers creates unique replicas based on these old originals – unique pieces that can now be found at collectors, museums and air shows around the world. Our products are all handcrafted as individual pieces in detailed, hand-made combat style based on original parts or plans.

What our customers say

I`ve been searching for a perfect imitation of a live vest of a german Luftwaffe fighter pilot for my WW2 collection for a long time. This is definetely the one! Cool work-thanksChad B. Tampa/USA

Jetzt habe ich endlich mein komplettes Messerschmitt Bf 109 Gerätebrett und bin mehr als zufrieden. Die Optik ist fantastisch und die detaillierten Instrumente sind super gemacht. Freu mich schon auf den KG 13. Gut gemacht, Jungs! Gut gemacht…Ruud G. Fairford/England

The delivery time seemed infinitely long, but it was ultimately worth it. The KG 13 looks really great and now has a place on my desk in my man caveMarcel H. Bielefeld/Germany

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