Luftwaffe Nose Art Tatzelwurm 2


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The so-called „Tatzelwurm“ was an emblem of the German Air Force which was used in 1 and 3 fighter squadrons in different groups with different colors. The Yellow Tatzelwurm for the 3 Staffel, the green was reserved for the so-called „Stab“. The emblem was retained in JG 1 even after the grouping in spring 1942. Different types of Messerschmitt Bf 109 and the Focke Wulf  190 were flown with this badge

The unique piece is made in Germany in elaborate and loving handwork in the so-called “vintage look“, and simulated by the curvature according to the original aircraft part. The sheet is made of aircraft aluminum.The squadron badge correspond to the original badges used at that time in colors, shape and size.These badge is not a mass-produced, but is also applied by hand, as was the case back then in the frontline airfields. There is also a pre-installed bracket for quick and easy wall mounting. Bring one of the most famous squadron badges home as a great decoration!

Limited edition

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