Rudder Messerschmitt Bf109 in original size



German fighter pilot – Hermann Graf 212 aerial victories

Dimension   130 cm  x 70 cm x 20 cm

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Rudder of the famous German fighter pilot Hermann Graf.  In 830 missions he achieved 212 confirmed kills and was the first pilot in the world to achieve over 200 kills. This is an excellent reconstruction of the original rudder which was made directly from available documents of the still existing original rudder of Hermann Graf. The exhibit was like all CockpitRockers articles after extensive research according to original plans, in the original colors and dimensions 1/1 in Germany.manufactured. The launch markings and emblem were applied by hand as in its day. A fantastic piece for any aircraft museum or the savvy warbird collector. Due to the wooden construction, the unique piece is lightweight like the original and can therefore be used very easily as a wall decoration. Wall mount available here in the store.

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