Gunsight C/12 D german airforce


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Here you find an detailed reproduction in original size of a C12 / D gunsight from the Luftwaffe as it was used through German fighter pilots in their Messerschmitt`s BF 109 or Focke Wulf´s 190.
The gunsight was used by the Pilots of the Luftwaffe for enabling their targets with an integral optical sighting device.
In modified forms it has been also used by night fighters in combination with the so named „schräge Musik“ . Gunsights were permanently modified during the war and were used in similar form in many fighters during World War 2.

The gunsight will be delivered on a  high dekorative block of Wood.

This wonderful exact reproduction pice of history made in Germany would make a superb addition to any collection or display!

Get your extraordinary present for aircraft enthusiasts now!

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