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Messerschmitt BF 109

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The legendary Me 109 formed the backbone of the German Luftwaffe during World War 2. This in comparison to his allied counterparts small fighter has been used successfully on all fronts against the numerically and later also technically superior allied aircrafts.
Although at the peak of its development since end of 1942 at the latest the Bf 109 was kept constantly competitive due to numerous modifications and in the hand of an experienced pilot it was a serious opponent for each allied pilot until the end of the war. No wonder the Bf 109 or better known as Messerschmitt Me 109 is the aeroplane type, by which the top experts of the Luftwaffe achieved their incredible shooting numbers.

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Here you have the unique opportunity to get a highly detailed replica, limited edition of a Cockpit Panel from the legendary Messerschmitt Bf 109 or better known as Me 109. All mechanical components were handmade by thorough research and with the greatest accuracy and attention to detail due to present original instruments.

This is the default configuration as German Luftwaffe Pilots in the time of heavy aerial combats 1940-1945 had it in use in front of them. Former military combat pilots were interviewed and we were inspired by their advice. Here at last it is now possible to take a piece of this story home without many years of extremely expensive collecting.
Shown is the instrumentation of the G6 series which was in use since 1942. The authentic finish, the handwritten annotations to the electricity grid and the precise processing of the instrument panel gives an almost realistic impression of an “used board”.
As the reproduction of the bulky mechanics on the back were abandoned and there’s also a steel cable bracket located on each Instrument Panel, a chunky and heavy bracket can be dispensed. Due to its low weight it is now possible to place your unique copy of aviation as a visual highlight at home on the wall.

To protect each Instrument Panel at the front, it also was provided with a high quality customized transparent acrylic sheet which protects the valuable part from damage. Be sure to order this unique piece of history today!


Dimensions of the Cockpit panel
length: 68cm
height: 49 cm
depth: 11 cm
weight: 3Kg
Material: High-quality wood multiplex plates 9 mm


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 68 x 11 x 49 cm