Dogfights WW2

Dogfights WW2

When nowadys in the discussion about the unbelievable Shooting numbers of german fighter pilots during WWII, it mostly came tot he point that it was „easier“ fort them because their occasion to got more targets and the ability for more flights.

This point of view can just be showed in our days as it was no chilling and cool computer game, there was no reset button and there was no price for fairness.

The physically and even more psychologically burden by the often very young pilots were extremely high. You couldn`t  say easly- Sorry Commander I feel a little sick of today if got some toothache, i have no desire for a flight with 5 Bf 109 against 1200 US- B17 Bombers, or show draw his attention to your serious disc prolapse.

The nowadays spread romantic ideas of a dashing hardened fighter pilot who couldn’t await to climb up in the blue clear air and to shoot down the enemy and neither dead, nor devil fear was, and still is until today shown at the media and especially shown from Hollywood closely to farce.

Dead and heavy injury were omnipresent. A fluke, one single bullet was enough to change your narrow Cockpit into 3 seconds into a well working barbecue grill. It also doesn’t had to be always some enemy pilots which were the beginning of the end. The former technic was very half baked and nowadays anemities as GPS, electronical  approach lighting, or sattelite- based weather forecast wasn’t even conceived. Often chosen simply profane things like a damaged instrument, a non working oil gauge, a malfunction fuel indicator, a contaminated jam tube or extremely start and landing conditions deceided of live or death.

There were infinitely lots of possibilities to miss the registration in a book about heroes, instead to land only on a page of another loss message of today.

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